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Horror and sci-fi in acryl – Works by Isa Schulz

Horror and sci-fi in acryl – Works by Isa Schulz

Hey there,

I am Isa Schulz (born 1983) and would like to tell a little bit about what and why I paint. Already in my teenage, I put my first cartoons on paper. Today, I also use acrylic, and predominantly paint with it on canvas. However, I also experiment with gouache and have designed a new series whose individual images can be purchased as a print in SRA3 format, namely horror and sci-fi movies of the 80s. My motivation is to bring long-forgotten movie titles to life. Why?

Because I’m a passionate cartoon and movie fan and want to bring my childhood heroes on a different type of screen. Some may call my style wayward, but is that not exactly the basis for any artistic activity? Anyway, my pictures have a recognizable style because of the brilliant colors. The world is already gray enough, so through my pictures I want to give the viewer the opportunity to bring color into life and to linger for a brief and nostalgic moment in memory. No picture is perfect and every motif is a new challenge to itself.

If you ask me, which artists influenced me very much? Chuck Jones, Banksy, Burton, Mondo, Mike Deodato.

For me, painting is an excellent creative balance to my profession, which is in media design. Although I can also design there, it is done so in a narrow and predefined manner. Painting is different: Once the brush is on the canvas, it may well be that you sink into a world for nine hours and completely turn off everything around you.

Incidentally, this year my first artbook will be published. It contains the works of the last three years. From the beginning with acrylic until today. I think / hope it will not be the last.


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