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A prism of stories – Photography by Anush Poghosyan

A prism of stories – Photography by Anush Poghosyan

My name is Anush Poghosyan. I am from the beautiful country of the first Christian nation, the country where you can see the Biblical Mount Ararat, and the oldest 5500-year-old leather shoe ever found in the world, the country of the oldest wine making traditions dating back to 4000-3800 cal BC and the country where Mesrop Mashtots invented the Armenian alphabet in the year of 405 AD. The list is endless but I will stop here to intrigue you to come and discover your Armenia. Here your mind travels to the times when Noah’s arch descended on the top of Mount Ararat, a new era and life – full of happiness and disasters, well-being and misfortune, love and hatred – started.

There are two reasons why photography became one of my passions. The first reason is my father, who was an amateur photographer and the inspiring-me process began still in my childhood. I remember the dark room full of negatives, the strange liquid in which the paper was, as if by a magic wand, converting into black and white photographs depicting our happy family moments. I still clearly see that room with my father working. The 2nd reason is the country where I live. This is a magic place to be and at a certain moment of my life I realized I want to capture all the things I see on my way. The photos contain immense beauty and emotion. Sometimes one single photo reflects a whole life-story. And here is the magic of it. You take photos, put them into a drawer and forget them. But if one day by an unknown or known urge you open the drawer and turn these photos one after each other, they begin to live again. You realize that there is a transparent line connecting you to the past and the future. The photos are wonderful because they bear an implication of life, immortality, beginning and end, as well as end and beginning of something wonderful.

I think we should never stop photographing. We should keep capturing the moments to pass them to next generations and make them feel connected to their past and have the passion to look into the future throughout the prism of stories that these photos tell.

6 Replies to “A prism of stories – Photography by Anush Poghosyan”

  1. Oh, dear Anush! you are a creative woman. This time with photos and text united. I was news to me that your father once made his own pictures in dark room. I love the cool lonely atmosphere in the pictures you show here.

  2. My dearest Anush! You are unique and fresh as always. I can understand your passion, moreover, I share your emotions if talking about beauties of Armenia. But the way you revealed these beauties is more than the work of light and shadow. These are frosen moments of your soul ready to get revived with every single glance at them. Thank you, my dearest friend. Thank you and good luck!!!

    1. Thank you, Marin jan! You have formulated the emotions in a nice “marinish” way, which I have always admired. Thanks))

  3. My talented sister! Your pictures are just wonderful! Amazingly captured moments, colors, shadows… love each of them! Bravo and thank you for doing this and sharing these wonderful sights of Armenia with all of us!

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