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Passion vs. Perfection

Passion vs. Perfection

Are you professional or amateur? For many artists this might be a question that drives their lives and can bring their creative work to a halt. Not good enough to be a professional, but too ambitious to stay amateur you might think? Who decides what is what? And how to find out whether the work one produces yet needs perfection?

For Jesta Phoenix, Slow Business Coach and writer the question whether something or someone is professional or not is already irrelevant. She suggests to measure the value of your work in how passionate you pursue it and how committed you are to the result instead of just asking whether it earns you money and other people approve it. One of the biggest bullshits of our creative and productive world, she says, is to believe that quality is measured in money or that fun and work are antonyms. If you follow the myth that you are doing something ‘just for fun’, you are opening the door to never getting your work paid plus you put the criteria for evaluating your creativity into the hands of others. When people say: “Do it better!” what the usually mean is: “Do it differently!”. Do it closer to what I expect. Please me!

This is not the way to make you successful. It is the way to follow other people’s sense of perfectionism and a guarantee for failure and frustration. Jesta offers that you find you own criteria to decide what is worth working on and decide when it is good enough to be put out to the public.  Then people will start reacting on it and decide whether it matches their taste or not. But then it is out of your control. People’s tastes and reactions to your creative, passionate and commited work have to do with luck and with the energy of the world: Just like children when they are growing up and you need to let them run loose. Never perfect, but always beautiful. Only when they interact with the world, they become fully grown up and en passant learn how to find their own criteria for being passionate and commited.

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Jesta Phoenix works as Slow Business Coach with people who have already found What they would like to dream into this world with their work and now want to raise their daily How of working to the same level of happiness.

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  1. Amateurs do things motivated by love ( it’s literally hidden in the word itself : “amare” = to love).

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