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Inmitten Kreativ – cultural use of urban space in Munich

Inmitten Kreativ – cultural use of urban space in Munich

The Ruffinhaus, an early 2oth Century building that has become a popular landmark at Munich’s cattle market is being renovated. Before the refurbishing works are taking full speed in 2018 however, the house has been used as an interim cultural hub for the last few months.

The vibrant project “inmitten kreativ” (in the middle of being creative) put more than 50 rooms at disposal of artists to expose the wide range of their work. Murals and music, workshops and parties, rooms that were filled with the dreams of the spectators and a shop that offered German Advocaat following grandmother’s traditional recipe illustrated, what project manager J├╝rgen Enninger calls the rich but sometimes fragmented variety of the Munich cultural landscape. The Ruffinihaus seemed ideal to capitalise on that heterogeneity and show to audience and sponsors what is out there.

A particular emphasis was put on digitalisation, the newest form of avant-garde, according to Enninger. Interactive games parcours, a virtual reality version of the opera “Orpheus and Eurydike” and a pop-up shop were carpets with customised patterns could be 3D-printed were just a few examples of the digital road art is taking.

Check more details about the ‘inmitten kreativ’ project here.


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