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The lost art

The lost art

Graffiti by Ler Art

What would happen to graffiti artists if they became real professionals, not bordering at the illegal? Would they be hypocrite rappers, who are not real if they don’t get shot? Would they swim in money and wear diamond rings?

Or would they loose their attraction and their images would become boring and pathetic retro material used in parties where ghettoblasters spit out forgotten hip-hop beats from the 80’s?

Graffiti artists Bansky and Seen are megastars. They do live of an art that has not yet been socially accepted. However, there is a lot of social sympathizing.

The House, a former bank building (sic!) in Berlin-Charlottenburg, which will be knocked down soon, is welcoming grafitti artits from all over the world to go crazy over the decaying walls. The result is being visited by crowds of people. The cues are longer than in front of Primark or the Berghain Club.

Maybe a touch of amateur, the feeling that Graffiti will never be a full-fledged “profession”, helps its appeal.

Check out this Spanish graffiti artist.

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